Wellston, MI - Hurley, SD
To Byrdís Country.  Thanks for stopping in.  At the time I call Hurley home. Hurley is a small rural community in southeast section of South Dakota.  We are surrounded by farmlands.  However my heart still remains in Wellston Michigan, hidden deep within the beauty of the Manistee National ForestĒ, wrapped in the peaceful, relaxing atmosphere that only nature provides.
    Your hosts Tom, Meredith, and Ranger encourage you to explore the information here including Byrdís Nest: our personal pages, Health Choice: health issues that have touched our lives, Resources including: Poems of inspiration, Nature's best in Wellston a great vacation place, Computer help and software, Manistee and Turner County links.  We have so much here, itís hard to consider in a short space.  Take a look around, and we hope you enjoy your visit and once again, thank you for stopping in.
Wellston, MI 49689
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Hurley, SD 57036
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