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HOMEwise 3
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HOMEwise is the most comprehensive yet easy-to-use home and family organizer and personal assistant on the market.  HOMEwise includes over 150 features and functions including home inventory, garden and building project planners and trackers, bank account records, "to-do" lists, personal collection databases, calendars, phone books, diaries, shopping lists, recipes, snack and meal planners, travel planners and organizers, and much more.
    New features in version 3.2 include a hassle free installation, a fast, friendly configuration wizard, an improved window interface, and a handy online guide.

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Try out the latest version of DATE wise, the newest offering from Down To Earth Software Inc. DATE wise 3 is the computer version of the picture-and-date calendar you hang on the wall at home. Installed  on your desktop, this perpetual calendar features 12 beautiful pictures, one each month, just like your wall calendar, but DATE wise goes well beyond that: it is also a full-function, multi-user appointment Calendar and Event Reminder. Plan your days, enter your "things to do" and keep track of all special occasions and  repeating events - you can also print your calendar and even add your own pictures!
HOMEwise 3 and Datewise programs can be registered at Wings Internet Service office, or you can call us at 696-8939